Doctor Crackle and Miss Pop are neighbours.

‘What’s he building in there?’ There is an awful lot of banging and humdrum coming out of Doctor Crackle’s apartment which is very disturbing to Miss Pop’s quietude. When Doctor Crackle finally unveils a mad invention, Miss Pop’s animosity melts away and the two characters unite forever.

Neighbours is a whimsical story about connection, translating a theatrical style onto screen using physical comedy and 2D animation. Our audience is invited to ‘snap’ into Crackle and Pop’s world through an accompanied face filter.


This piece was developed to watch in video, and with headphones is always best.

Neighbours is partnered with an Instagram face filter that transports viewers into the world of Doctor Crackle and Miss Pop. This is some added fun and not a requirement for viewing the work, but it is still worth it.Tap the screen to engage with the 2D animation that fits the aesthetic of the project.

Find the ‘Neighbours vNAF face filter’ on Instagram (use on your mobile phone): here

See an additional bonus face filter from the artist, named ‘Storm face filter’ (use on your mobile phone): here

The creative team




virtual national arts festival; pop art; fak'ugesi 2020

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virtual national arts festival; pop art; fak'ugesi 2020

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virtual national arts festival; pop art; fak'ugesi 2020

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virtual national arts festival; pop art; fak'ugesi 2020

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