22 Oct
The AFRIDELIC trip: Faces of mixed realities

The AFRIDELIC trip: Faces of mixed realities

African Digital ArtFak'ugesi Curators Online Exhibition
Always On Free
Tue 20 Oct to Wed 25 Nov

'THE AFRIDELIC TRIP: faces of mixed realities', curated by Fak'ugesi commissioned curator Xopher Wallace, presents themes influenced by African mysticism, using augmented reality as a realm of interaction between humanity and the spiritual or cosmic realms.

As Africans, traditional masks represent the spirits and the wearer is often known to be possessed by who or what the mask represents. Revising the functions of a mask, the featured face filters will be used as a tool to show one's true self instead of hiding. This project is heavily led by Johannesburg based artist vonMash - whose digital artworks take us on journeys into a vaporwave "AFRIDELIC" experience. vonMash's work is aimed at upliftment and the eye opening perspective of who we are as Africans. His works shine a light on our spiritual connection to the universe, as kings and queens of space and time.

This exhibition is built as a series of augmented reality face filters and an AR graphic showroom, to be viewed exclusively on Fak'ugesi Festival's Instagram and Facebook profiles.

USING YOUR PHONE OR MOBILE DEVICE VISIT Fakugesi's Instagram OR Facebook - @fakugesi .
Navigate to face effect's in the profile. The back facing camera will activate the graphic showroom & front facing camera will activate face filters.
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