06 Nov
Meet the Creator: Ridwan Moshood

Meet the Creator: Ridwan Moshood

African Digital ArtDigital Lab Africa Meet the Creator
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Wed 04 Nov to Wed 04 Nov

Close conversation with Digital Lab Africa #4 Winner for Animation.

My name is Ridwan, I am a self-thought 2d animator from Nigeria. My passion for Animation goes way back to my childhood days, as a kid I was always intrigued about how Animations are made. I see animation as a form of creating life, I love telling story, I like getting people excited, and what best way to do that if not through Animation.
I started my professional career as a 2d animator some 6 years ago, and currently I work as a freelancer. Back in 2018 I won the Cartoon network creative lab and fupitoon award for best short animation, I am fluent in English and my native language (Yoruba), and I’m always looking for opportunities to improve my language skills and to learn other languages, aside from creating IPs and trying to come up with the next best stories and shows, I also enjoy some free time playing video games or Trying to take over the world (pinky and the brain reference).