14 Nov
Expanding the Veil, Atemporal Spaces + Dream Architectures

Expanding the Veil, Atemporal Spaces + Dream Architectures

African Digital ArtFak'ugesi Curators Live Streamed Workshop
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Thu 12 Nov to Thu 12 Nov

In extended programming of the curator commissioned exhibition 'Misava' join Lenape Creative Group members and other filmmakers as they present a program that aims to re-imagine the future trajectories of lineage and heritage, the atemporal landscapes of dreams, elemental geographies and their connection to the spiritual, and one's relationship to one's own existence.

The transformative power of new cinema will be showcased and discussed both between the filmmakers and the audience, pushing for a discourse to “Expand the Veil” and to actively dance between reality, ritual, and dream. 

The event will open with a screening of short films running 40 minutes in length. This will be followed by a short panel discussion with the filmmakers, and then an open dialogue with the audience.
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