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Sacem is an international, non-profit organisation that is committed to representing its members’ interests and promoting musical creation by ensuring that royalties are collected and distributed efficiently, accurately and fairly.

As a member-owned collective management organisation (CMO), Sacem has a leadership role in a global industry that is going through a rapid digital transformation. Mindful of its unique responsibility for sustaining and enhancing culture, Sacem seeks to invest in technology and forge partnerships that will help maximise the value of authors’ rights.

Sacem (The Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music) is the most international of all the authors’ societies, representing 168 nationalities. 21,350 of our 176,150 current members are from outside of France, and 311,000 songwriters, composers and publishers around the world have benefitted from royalties distributed by Sacem

Since its creation in 1851, Sacem has represented authors, composers and publishers of music, as well as directors, comedians, poets — and dubbing and subtitling artists. We are with these creators throughout their careers, protecting their interests and looking after their well-being.