Plataforma Bogotá

African Digital Art
Plataforma Bogotá is an interactive art, science and technology laboratory that promotes the creation, research, training and dissemination of interdisciplinary projects among an audience of different ages and levels of training. It is a project that belongs to the Mayor's Office of Bogotá, from the Strategic Line of Art, Scientific Culture, Technology and City of the District Institute of the Arts-Idartes.

Bogotá Platform generates interactive laboratory dynamics, which are characterized by their horizontality and the transdisciplinary and open experimentation of their participants. It also creates seminar dynamics, in which a reflection on the media is deepened. The interaction between research, reflection and practice, make Platform a conducive space for the development of prototypes, explorations, ideas and new horizons regarding art, science and technology. Plataforma Bogotá is an important node for the consolidation of exchange and knowledge networks, as well as a significant contribution to the cultural and academic environment of Bogotá and Latin America.