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Story Posted: 14 August 2015
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In 2015 The Ar(t)chive, South Africa’s leading dance and physical performance archive, launches BodyTech in collaboration with the 4th edition of the Fak’Ugesi Digital Arts Africa Festival.


BodyTech debuts as an innovative platform for exploring the South African performing body’s relationship with technology. This initiative explores the historical and current landscape of contemporary dance and technology in South Africa by engaging with pioneers in the field of dance, performance and technology. BodyTech also investigates and interrogates relevant issues and themes on this subject as well as navigates the complexities of technology in theatre dance – from technical, collaborative and practical points of view.


BodyTech will, in addition, offer specialist workshops and a major cutting edge commission developed and performed by Athena Mazarakis in partnership with consulting engineering firm Bushveld Labs. BodyTech will transpire across the vibrant Braamfontein precinct between 4 and 6 September 2015.

  • Discussion:

Tech Chutzpah – Tracing the digital rise in South African contemporary performance rooted in a history of dancers, choreographers and visual artists engaging, since the 1980’s, with internet cameras, video and other technologies with hallmark ingenuity. Confirmed speakers include Robyn Orlin, Steven Cohen, Jeannette Ginslov, Nondumiso Msimanga, Julia Raynham, Kieron Jina and Daniel Buckland. Facilitators: Adrienne Sichel and David Thatanelo April.

Date: 6 Sept

Time: 10:00 – 13:00

Venue: iThuba Gallery, Braamfontein.

Cost: Free Event

Open to the public


  • Performance:

Portal – A Prequel – BodyTech will feature the first installation of a ground breaking collaboration choreographed and performed by Athena Mazarakis working with consulting engineering firm Bushveld Labs (Johannesburg) and MANY Studios in Glasgow (United Kingdom). This performance is proudly made possible with the support of British Council South Africa, The National Arts Council of South Africa, the WITS School of Arts, and the Fak’Ugesi African Digital Innovation Festival 2015.

Dates: 4 & 5 Sept

Time: 19:00

Venue: Corner Smit Street and Eendracht Street, Braamfontein.

Cost: Free Event *Outdoor performance, no seating.

Open to the public


  • Workshop:


Marrying Movement with Image – Concept with Choreography


Arts photographer Rob Mills and dancer/choreographer Kristin Wilson present a workshop exploring the integration of projected images and live performance: The use of audio visual technology with live dance performance is increasingly commonplace. Often the live performance together with projected images compete for attention, compromising the performance as a whole. It is not enough to have beautifully executed video and choreography, they have to integrate and work as one to make an effective performance. This workshop will interrogate principles of creating and using projected images as a “virtual” cast and set, adding new dimensions to the performance.


Date: 5 Sept

Time: 10:00 – 16:30

Venue: University Corner 16th Floor, Jorissen Street, Braamfontein

Cost: Free

By Invitation



  • Portal: An Insight – Performance process presentation and vision

Choreographer and performer Athena Mazarakis, in collaboration with Bushveld Labs, will discuss and present the unfolding of Portal – A Prequel at BodyTech 2015 and highlight what the performance will look like in its second phase in November 2015. Natalia Palombo and Becca Thomas from MANY Studio’s in Glasgow will join in the discussion (via Skype) to highlight how the project will manifest with its UK audience and interactions in Glasgow from November 2015 onwards. Also offered is a glimpse into further developments in 2016/7.


Date: 6 Sept

Time: 14:00 – 15:00

Venue: iThuba Gallery, 100 Juta Street. Braamfontein.

Cost: Free

Open to the public

Paid Parking in Abott House opposite Ithuba gallery on Juta Street



Please send RSVP’s for all events to


Please contact Jessica Denyschen, The Ar(t)chive’s project manager, @ for more information. BodyTech is proudly made possible with the support of British Council South Africa, Connect ZA and SA UK 2015, The National Arts Council of South Africa, the WITS School of Arts and the Fak’ugesi Digital African Innovation Festival 2015.


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