Rick Treweek

Rick Treweek

South Africa

Speaker Heritage & Technology
Rick is a creative technologist with a huge passion for disruptive technologies and has been called “one of the smartest minds in XR”. He is the CTO of Eden, a company he co-founded that makes virtual reality easy to use in business, mainstream and art applications.

With over 20 years of professional experience in the digital space, he has built a unique skill set across emerging technologies that makes him a leading expert in the field. Rick started his career creating one of the earliest platforms for online gaming, before smartphones and App Stores even launched. Built for Nokia phones, the platform reached an international audience and amassed millions of app downloads. After this success, he extended his skill set into emerging technologies like 3D printing, robotics, mechatronics, volumetric video, as well as augmented and virtual reality – which is now his focus.

Rick regularly shares his passion for disruptive technologies in talks with international audiences and enjoys mentoring young people and tech newcomers, helping them on their journey in XR. He is also a true believer in the metaverse and is part of an ever growing community of creators that are building these virtual worlds of the future.

Faku'gesi History

2016: #AfroTechRiot Augmented Reality Exhibition
2017: VR & XR Industry Panel
2019: Southern Africa VR Exhibition with Lost Botanist