Nkhensani Mkhari

Nkhensani Mkhari

South Africa

Curator Fak'ugesi Curator African Digital Art
Nkhensani Mkhari is a Johannesburg based multidisciplinary artist and curator at BKhz gallery. Their broad praxis spans from visual arts, performance art, installation, publishing, sound design and new media. Their artworks function as multimodal material-semiotic metaphors.

Their keen interest in the intersections between art and technology led them to their first residency with Fak’ugesi digital innovation festival for their 2018 group exhibition curated by Dr. Tegan Bristow, with Brian House and Marc Lee as their mentors. The residency culminated in an installation exploring themes of their ongoing body of work titled image of transgression exploring human spatial evolution and the cultural repercussions of that change. In 2019 their VR work titled ‘Coronation of a Holographic Rainbow’ was shortlisted for the ZKM and Solitude web residency Call no.6 curated by Mary Maggic. The project explored how ritual ceremonies may be archived using Virtual Reality and Augmented reality. In January 2020 they had their first pop up exhibition ‘Uhm Yeah’ in Paris with Le Ge’enie d’Alex. They continue to expand in their praxis, synthesizing mediums to evoke new passages of materiality to expand public consciousness.

Faku'gesi History

2018: Fak'ugesi Digital Africa Residency