Lisistrata	Lusandiana

Lisistrata Lusandiana


Speaker Heritage & Technology
Lisistrata Lusandiana has been the Executive Director of IVAA (Indonesian Visual Arts Archive) since 2018. She was the Head of the IVAA Program in 2016 and the Director of the Archives Festival in 2017. She was involved as a researcher and assistant curator in the 2015 Biennale Jogja “Hacking Conflict” and was the coordinator of the Biennale Forum, Biennale Jogja “Age of Hope” in 2017. In addition, she writes for cultural arts magazines, is the editor of Mata Jendela magazine, and is involved in several exhibitions as well as art and research projects. She graduated with a Masters in Religious and Cultural Sciences from Sanata Dharma University Yogyakarta with a thesis on Backpacker Ethnography, a critical study of community mobility and cosmopolitanism. She is currently developing programs related to decolonization and a culture of documentation.