Kieran Reid

Kieran Reid

South Africa

Speaker Fak'ugesi Arcade
Kieran Reid is a teacher, theatre maker and game scholar.

He has been teaching at the University of the Witwatersrand since 2012 in Theatre and Performance and Digital Arts. He has been involved in Wits Digital Arts and the Game Design programme since its inception in 2012. His teaching focus is on analogue games, theatre and the intersection of performance in gamified experiences. He is now the Head of Department at Wits Digital Arts.

In 2019 Kieran started his PhD which seeks to examine the history of modern board games. This includes the economics, culture and variations in play that have occurred in the rapidly growing board game industry.

Kieran has also worked extensively as a production manager, director and facilitator. He has directed theatre pieces both for Joburg and the National Arts Festival and has hosted and produced MegaGames. He served as a project manager for the Fak’ugesi and A-MAZE festival from 2013 - 2018.

Kieran has also worked as a consultant and co-designer on a gamified shopping app being launched in Kenya. He is a partner in a game development studio - Two Name Games.

Faku'gesi History

Project manager for the Fak’ugesi and A-MAZE festival from 2013 - 2018