Fak’ugesi Festival takes place annually in Johannesburg, South Africa. Plus year long pop up programming at regional & international Festivals, and the Tshimologong Innovation Precinct. Digital Cultural Economies, Digital Art, Critical Engagement, VR / AR, Gaming, Animation and Sound.



Workshops, Hackathons, Game Jams

Fak’ugesi Festival is productive! Come refresh your view, your style and hands, ears and eyes! Join our community of super talented creatives in workshops, hack-a-thons, game jams, ani-marathons, skills exchanges and creative hustles! Local, regional and international facilitators paving the way for African digital creativity.



Conference, Talks, Events

Get inspired at the Fak’ugesi Festival annual conference! With annual partners, we address critical topics on creative digital economies in Africa. From who’s challenging the global norm; how block-chain impacts the creative industries; what African audiences want in games; to where science-fiction meets traditional culture. It’s all at Fak’ugesi Festival!



Research, Residencies, Community

Fak’ugesi Festival supports and works with the dynamically growing African digital creative industries. A meeting place and convening of expert minds from across Africa and the world, Fak’ugesi affords the opportunity to listen and generate research on where the industry is at and where it needs to go. Year on year we additionally host residencies for emerging digital creatives in our own and in partner programs. Together we are building the community for Digital creativity in Africa.

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AR/VR Exhibitions, Games Arcade, Animation Screenings, Digital Art Exhibitions

An annual celebration of African digital creativity, Fak’ugesi Festival showcases Africa’s extraordinary talent in Games Arcades, Interactive exhibitions of Digital Art, VR, AR and mind-blowing Animation screenings. Follow us to submit work to our annual open calls.