Floating Reverie Residency 2019



Who owns our digital value chain? How do we stake our claim and protect our creative equity in the digital world? How do we share our intellectual property and protect it at the same time? How do we value our contribution and innovation in the African creative economy?

Floating Reverie would like to invite artists, creatives, internet lovers, poets and activists from the Global South to respond to Fak’ugesi’s theme this year from a local or remote context, engaging with #OWNOURFORCE.   Floating Reverie’s //2Weekonline digital residency will act as a site of content discussion, reflection, exchange and generation alongside and as part of the Fak’ugesi festival this year.


Floating Reverie is a digital online residency started in early 2014, having hosted over 33 artists in the past five years.  //2Weeks is the title of the monthly residency which Floating Reverie.  It is a research residency which engages with artistic production and process. Artists are invited to respond online to the brief: ‘You have 2 weeks. 14 days. 336 hours. 20 160 minutes. What will you do?’. Artists are encouraged to produce or (check-in) online every day for two weeks. Repeating a process, concept or research daily. Floating Reverie aims to cultivate, initiate and help develop a digital conversation across South Africa and the globe amongst artists, digital practitioners, thinkers, writers and makers through the Internet.


Application Deadline: 1 July 2019

Number of places: 1

Floating Reverie Dates: 26 Aug – 8 Sept. 2019

To apply please send a single pdf with the following in to floatingreverie@gmail.com:

  • Brief artist bio
  • Online portfolio
  • Artist statement describing your practice
  • Statement of intent (how would you interpret, respond, engage with the festival in relation to your practice)
  • Online platform for residency

Announcement of artist: 1 August 2019