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In the Festival’s aim to promote skills development and creative exchange in the digital and technological, we are offering a free workshop program in this MAKING WEEKEND.



Make a Talking Robot, with IBM Research Africa

10am – 12pm, Friday 8th September @ Tshimologong, Glass Box

Learn to build a TJBot AI Robot with IBM Research. TJBot is a Raspberry Pi driven AI that uses IBM’s Watson to engage conversation and prompts. In this workshop you will learn the dynamics of Watson and Raspberry Pi. Making TJBot talk and respond to voice queries.

About Toby Kurien: Kurien based with IBM Research Africa is an electronics engineer who specialises in software engineering. He co-founded a successful software development company, created multiple startups, and spent 5 years freelancing as an Android developer as a way to help build solutions for other startups as well as NGO’s.  Kurien co-founded a maker space and has created and contributed to several open source projects.

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DIY Game Controllers, with Bear Season

10am – 3pm, Saturday 9th September @ Tshimologong, The Space.

In this workshop you will learn to control your computer using bananas/plants/cats, even your friends! Join us to learn how to use the Malarkey Board to build your own custom game controllers, link to malarkey keyboard:

For High School & University learners who have made their own games in any platform.
Requirements: Bring your laptops and games. Buy a Malakey board for R1000.00 (bring cash).

About Bear Season: Bear Season is a special projects & creative tech studio based at the Tshimologong Precinct in Johannesburg.

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Sonic Arts Workshop, with Benoit Hicke (F.A.M.E)

2pm – 4pm, Saturday 9th September @ Tshimologong, The Glass Box.

Join Fak’ugesi Beats Lab participants and Benoit Hicke, Director of the F.A.M.E (Film, Art, Music and Electronica) Festival for a workshop on collaborative practices between music and film. Hicke will present a history of Sonic Arts across the ages. This will then lead into a detailed discussion led workshop on collaborations in music and film.

This workshop is for musicians, film-makers and music / film collaborators. Participants working on or interested in sound and film development and collaboration, both local and international.

About Benoit Hicke: Hicke is a Paris-based film curator. He co-created and co-runs the F.A.M.E Film Festival at la Gaîté lyrique since 2013 (within the AMORE organization). Hicke curated many cycles & events related to music, art and films : Nemo festival (2007), the Clermont-Ferrand international short film festival (experimental & music vidéo competitions) between 2000 and 2005. Hicke collaborated on audiovisual projects: video installations and live performances. Hicke now in charge of the audiovisual programs for the French National Muséum of Natural History. He’s working on a new film festival dedicated to environment issues. He also worked as a freelance cultural journalist.

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Creative Coding in p5.js, with Niklas Peters

1pm – 5pm, Sunday 10th September @ Tshimologong, The Space.

This workshop will cover the basics of creative coding in a JavaScript-based language called p5.js. What is creative coding? How can coding be used to express yourself artistically? Participants will get a sneak preview of soon-to-be-released p5.js web editor and the opportunity to make their first drawings and animations with code.
The workshop is open to beginners (creative coding is a wonderful way to first learn how to code!). More advanced tools and techniques of p5.js will be introduced to those with previous coding experience.

Workshop Requirements: Some coding experience (in any language) is helpful, but not required. The only requirement is the willingness to try something new and a little creativity. Computers are available, but feel free to bring your own laptops (wifi access required).

About Niklas Peters: Peters is a digital artist, web designer and musician. As a 2017 Processing Foundation Fellow, he developed a curriculum to teach creative coding and computer programming to learners with low computer literacy. Niklas is currently teaching this curriculum to high school students in Braamfontein and Soweto.

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Block by Block, in Minecraft & Mixed Reality

10:oo – 17:00 Friday 8th September  & 10:00 – 16:00 Saturday 9th September @ Point of Order, Corner of Stiemans & Jan Smuts Ave in Braamfontein.

In a special collaboration with the UN Habitat’s Block by Block project with Mincecraft and Ericsson, the Johannesburg Development Agency and Wits Architecture are leading a project on community led urban design with technology in Braamfontein.

At Fak’ugesi Festival, we are focusing on a community led redesign of “Eland Park and its immediate surrounds” on the corner of Jan Smuts and Ameshoff Street in Braamfontein. 

Ericsson is one the primary sponsors for the Fak’ugesi Festival in 2017. Ericsson Research’s Strategic Design team is working on a mixed reality application to present a live view of the community’s design proposals in context, that is, out in the park or on the street.

Selected design outcomes will be interpreted by Wits Architecture students for a showcase to be presented during the Fak’ugesi Festival.

Bookings details to be confirmed shortly… watch this space. See the Block by Block event page for more.


Room to Play, Yann Seznec

2pm – 5pm, Monday 11th September @ Tshimologong

This workshop will explore playful and fun approaches to building electronic musical instruments and controllers. We’ll use everyday objects and interactions and to make and manipulate sounds. Maybe a knife and fork instrument? Or a football synthesizer?! Or a tabletop drum machine! The end result will be chaotic and noisy (and therefore: fun). Join the ColabNowNow and Fak’ugesi Beats Lab participants for this workshop, spaces for non lab members is limited and must be motivated for.

Please note: This workshop requires booking and a motivation in order for you to attend. Bookings without motivation will not be considered. Please make sure you use the same name on the ticket and the motivation.

About Yann Seznec: Seznec is a French/American artist and musician living in Edinburgh whose work focuses on sound, music, physical interaction, games, and building new instruments. Much of this work involves building custom instruments such as musical pigsties, touch sensitive harps, electromechanical mushroom spore instruments, and more. Most recently his “Kronoscillator” instrument was used extensively by the Kronos Quartet, and he completed a Playable City residency in Lagos, Nigeria, with Watershed and the British Council. In December 2015 he received the British Composer Award for Sonic Art for his 2014 Edinburgh Art Festival work “Currents”.

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Free Workshop Weekend Partners: Ericsson, IBM, British Council ConnectZA, French Institute

Audience: All ages from 12 years to 70 years. Multi disciplinary fields and all levels of expertise. 

September 08 2017


Start: September 8
End: September 10
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47 Juta Street, Braamfontein
Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa

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