British Council Connect ZA bring a range of fresh, innovative events to this year’s festival with an opportunity to participate in and witness stunning visual installations, virtual reality performances, digital master classes, live debates and dynamic immersive video installations all set to inspire, empower, engage and wow you!  We are delighted to welcome a diverse range of artists, designers, makers, tech gurus and thinkers into the mix from SA and the UK, fusing an eclectic range of creative styles and practice. And everything is FREE.

From this British Council Connect ZA @ Fak’ugesi you can expect a series of exciting events:

Collaborations with Livity Africa and the Fak’ugesi Talks  to bring you the Reverse Digital Hustle on the 24th Aug, featuring artist Tabita Rezaire and the Fak’ugesi Residents and the Creative Hustle of the 30th August with Karen Palmer and Valentina Floris (SDNA)

The Market Hack  on Saturday 27th August and the Fak’ugesi Soweto Pop Up on Sunday the 28th August.

Two VR orientated workshops with visiting artists and technologist, CiRCA69 and Karen Palmer from the UK.  Both on Monday the 29th of August.

Projection project by SDNA at the Festival’s ALIGHT event on the 1st of September. This digital installation invites you to explore and discover the newly pedestrianized precinct through a different lens, stunning projections and intimate digital imagery have been created with support from a cohort of local participants.

The SDNA projection project will evolve from a collaboration workshop with local artists to work with SDNA towards the development of the artwork at ALIGHT 

Look for events marked “Connect ZA”  and “British Council Connect ZA” on the events pages for bookings.


Twitter: @connect_za

Facebook: @ZAConnect


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